Here To Answer Your Most Asked Questions.

Our recruitment team will review applications received electronically, faxed or posted into our head office in Las Vegas. Once these applications are reviewed, pertinent applicants are then invited to take part in the first round of interviews. A review process then takes place with Operation Managers assessing the suitability of each of the first round candidates. A final interview round is organized with candidates from the first round who best meet the criteria for the available position(s). Prior to the commencement of the final interview round, reference checks are performed, Security Licenses are verified, and when management is satisfied with the candidate(s) supplied documentation, the final interviews take place where position(s) may be awarded.

Please Note: OmniSecurity is an equal opportunity employer.

Yes, we can. Just be prepared as our staff will ask a few questions regarding the booking.

Examples of some of the question you may be asked;

• How many people are you expecting?
• What will the average age of the attendees be?
• Will there be adult/parental supervision? (appropriate for where minors will be attending)
• Will there be alcohol available?
• Location Type? (Private residence or a hall, function center, rural property etc…)
• Will there be a guest list available to our Security Staff?
• Date, location, start-time, and finish-time?

Omnisecurity closely maintains a high level of discretion in regards to revealing who our clients are.

However should you have a commercial requirement to view certain information on comparable clients that we hold in our current portfolio, we can discuss this possibility on an as-needed basis.

Yes, we can. Just contact our headquarters in Las Vegas and our electronics department can help put together a solution for you that best suits both your security requirements as well as your budget.

Some brands of Alarms Systems may require specific codes or documentation in order to meet your requirements, however, we will request all the pertinent information from you (or if you are unable to provide it, we may be able to source it from a supplier/manufacturer) before a booking commences.

There are a variety of factors that go into the cost of service. For example, the number of hours, location, specific duty requirements and other contributions as well. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss what your specific needs are.

The security guard checks in and off duty using an automated software system, that verifies the officer’s location and keeps a record of when the officer is on duty. OmnisecurityStaff has supervisors out in the field that routinely monitor the performance of all team members. Through their supervision, training and inspection our clients are assured of high quality service.

Our training program consists of classroom training that covers state laws and general security procedures. In addition, all security personnel receive specific on-site training for each individual client. All security officers are properly trained before starting their assignment.

Depending on management needs, daily security reports can be provided for each shift. Incident reports will be provided if some of sort of security violation occurs. This would consist of any criminal activity, any property loss or damage, any falls or injuries occurring on the property.
Electronic reporting can be provided to clients.