Las Vegas Campus

Las Vegas Campus Security

In the years since our country was attacked on September 11, 2001, there has been a sharp rise in the use of office building security guards for hire (and even home offices). The peace of mind brought about by securing a guard or patrol services over office buildings often offsets the cost of protective services. Las Vegas campus OmniSecurityStaff is able to design a custom security plan for your business or office building that will meet your budget needs.

Duties we provide on the Las Vegas Campus Security

Common duties of office security staff

  • Ensure appropriate foot traffic in and out of office
  • Ensure compliance of building rules or agency regulations
  • Observe and report incidents which may result in loss or damage to property or equipment
  • Ensure the safety of employees, residents, and visitors
  • Guard buildings, grounds, and parking areas
  • Staff a watch post
  • Make security rounds at periodic, non-regular intervals inside and outside facility
  • Direct traffic and control parking
  • Perform key tours and building checks

Benefits of maintaining office security

  • Provision of a security program entices new tenants
  • Ability to facilitate a “badging system” whereby all visitors are required to wear a badge with a picture ID
  • Additional eyes to ensure fire doors are not blocked
  • Trained guards to assist in first aid in case of injury
  • Ability to form evacuation teams in the event of an emergency
  • Provision of an officer who can operate fire-fighting equipment
  • Professional protection with guards who have the ability to work courteously and effectively with diverse populations

Direct traffic

Control parking

Ensure Safety