Retail Security

Retail Security Services

Our Retail Security Services focus is to create a safe welcoming environment for shoppers to come into your store and make a purchase.

We want customers to feel they can come to your store morning, noon or evening and feel safe to walk in and relax while shopping.  The times have changed and more and more business owners are seeing theft increase while our economic times are not as strong.  Shoplifters and internal theft from employees are not always easy to detect if it’s not your profession.  At Omnisecuritystaff we specialize in Retail Security Services and know what to look for and best ways to prevent theft.  It’s crucial to keep your business safe and free from burglaries, vandalism, and personal attacks.  Omnisecuritystaff is a fully licensed and bonded private security company. The presence of our retail security guards works as a crucial deterrent, warning off any would-be thieves.

Customers can feel safe knowing there are retail security guards while they shop.

We can provide you with unarmed security guards, armed security guards, patrol service, off-duty police protection, loss prevention, shopping center security, and undercover store detectives.

We will ensure that our retail security services are creating a safe place for customers to shop and employees to work. By ensuring our retail security guards are suited to your environment because not all retail locations are the same.

Our Retail Security Guards can provide:

  • Retail Security Foot Patrol
  • Retail Security Patrol Service
  • Retail Security Guards That are Bilingual
  • Retail Security Customer Service
  • Parking Lot Patrol Service
  • Retail Theft Protection
  • Loss Prevention
  • Customer and Employee Escort
  • Retail Alarm Response
  • Theft Suspect Detainment

Theft Suspect Detainment

Security Patrol Service

Loss Prevention