We offer a variety of services to our clients including


Omnisecurity is a 24 hour Security Guard Company. If you need a few hours or around the clock protection we are there


We offer live updates, web-based reporting systems, GPS Tracking of all security personnel on your property


We offer communication via online, telephone, The Grid as well as through social media. OmniSecurity gives you the ability to tend to other agendas while we protect your assets all while your only a push button away.


Our agents are trained to observe, identify, and prevent thefts from occurring at your business, and this is done by examination of patrons both in person and through the use of CCTV, or video surveillance systems. All activities are monitored to prevent thefts from happening.


We provide professionally-trained officers for concierge security, doormen, and as security receptionists for residential buildings. Our doormen offer the security to enhance residents’ quality of life.


Our professional security officers know what to look for in securing apartments, condos, HOA’s, and gated communities to keep the residences and property safe from vandalism, theft, or personal attack


Guaranteed Service


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Virtual Sites




Efficient and Cost effective

24 Hour Monitoring

Constant Patrolling

Detect & Report

Integrated Guarding

Mobile Guarding

Remote Guarding

  • 24-hour controlled access — Meaning that all vendors and visitors must log in and out at all times.
  • Constant patrolling of the complete business, checking to make sure that all equipment and material is secure.
  • Immediately put a halt to unauthorized visits.
  • Immediately evict anyone who is loitering on the site.
  • Control and manage any homeless activity in and around the building.
  • Erect and man a guard shack or station if deemed necessary.
  • Type and Email daily activity reports.
  • Detect and report any hazardous situations that may have developed.

A private patrolman at your business might bring to mind that service will cost too much for my business. While it is a cost, it might just reduce your insurance premium, and the cost would almost pay for itself. The mere presence of a uniformed security guard provides safety in itself. Here are the ways it will benefit your small business:

  • Less stress for you as the owner—when someone has your financial and physical back, you can focus on running your company
  • Shoplifting, crime, and employee theft are greatly reduced.
  • Having someone actually watching your security cameras what's the point of watching it the next morning?
  • Investing in your employee safety, you boost morale and dedication to your business
  • Trained guards take witness statements and collect evidence in case of a crime or accident
  • Customer Service Training at OmniSecurity is Top of the Industry.
  • Escort employees and customers after dark

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